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The European Women In Construction & Engineering Awards were created to recognize the most exemplary women in the construction and engineering industry across Europe. The awards are given in various categories, including: Project Manager Finalists, Environment & Sustainability Finalists, Digital Innovation Finalists. The finalist of the 8th edition of the competition in the Young Woman In Construction Finalists category was Polish woman Magdalena Czerniak.

Be brave and pursue your dreams!

Ms. Magdalena is a civil engineer. She specializes in road and highway construction. For the past 1.5 years she has been working at London Heathrow Airport, where she is in charge of runway reconstruction. By her own admission, she decided on such a professional direction only in her final year of high school. She graduated from the Gdansk University of Technology. Already during her studies she started working in her profession.

"I wanted to gain experience as soon as possible . I started working already in my third year of university. I ended up in a company that was involved in the construction of the S7 expressway. This was my first adventure in construction, which I fell in love with. It made me a lot of fun on a daily basis. Later, during my master's studies, I ended up in another company, which was in charge of one of the construction sites in the very center of Gdansk."

A few years ago, she took advantage of a foreign exchange for young engineers and ended up at Heathrow in London in 2021.

How do you become a finalist for The Best Young Woman in Construction?

The company where she works submitted her candidacy. She went through a series of recruitment interviews, had to prepare a presentation, a resume, and present her achievements. The jury chose the finalists from each category. Ms. Magdalena was entered in the category of The Best Young Woman in Construction.

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What is this distinction for her?

"The competition is an amazing opportunity for personal development. We have a lot of additional training, you can meet new people, make contacts with women from all over the world. Each of us is measuring ourselves against the same thing, because, however, we work in a man's world, but I'm glad that there are more and more of us. I am extremely pleased to be one of the finalists. It's a great honor, but also a great chance to develop, make new friends and be a role model, that is, a role model for younger generations."

Pave the way!

Through hard work and dedication, she is realizing her dreams and thus paving the way for other women, supporting the next generation of potential engineers. Every woman, regardless of background, gender or nationality, should have equal opportunities in the construction industry. It is important for young girls to be aware of the opportunities that await them.

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