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Meet the ERBUD Group, which takes social and sponsorship activities very seriously, as something that shapes its long-term development strategy. Among other activities, the ERBUD Common Challenges Foundation, named after Erik Grzeszczak, was established to help young people in difficult life situations. The Foundation supports former children's home residents in their transition to adulthood. The Foundation operates on the basis of employee volunteering. Mentors, i.e. employees of the ERBUD Group, take care of a former foster child. The Foundation implements its own programme "Recipe for Success". The initiative involves both educators and alumni of foster homes. Alumni who participate in the programme gain the skills needed for independent living, and their educators learn how to effectively support and motivate young people to be independent.

The Foundation also actively supports activities aimed at getting young girls interested in the construction industry. Among other things, it has published a series of children's books called "Klara builds". "Klara builds" is the story of a girl who decides to follow her dreams and build things the world has not yet seen. The heroine's adventures show readers that the seemingly masculine world of the construction site is a place where girls and women can excel and fulfil themselves. These books break stereotypes, build confidence in themselves and their abilities, and are also stories about building relationships, self-confidence and building".  Such initiatives show that it is worth showing children from an early age that it is not worth following stereotypes and that it is possible to achieve one's dreams in virtually any field.

The booklets have been published in Polish and German, in addition, the proceeds are earmarked for the Foundation's activities. Link to the foundation's website in English

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