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Welcome to the FEMCON Video Showcase, your gateway to inspiring stories from women and men in the construction industry across Ireland, Spain, Poland, and Germany. Our collection of video interviews highlights the experiences, challenges, and successes of females in construction, showcasing the vital role women play in this dynamic field. At FEMCON, we aim to promote gender equality in construction by sharing real-life stories from professionals who are making a difference. Through our video interviews, we hope to inspire more women to join the industry and foster an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive.

Explore our videos to hear directly from women and men who are breaking barriers and challenging stereotypes. Learn about their journeys, the obstacles they've overcome, and their visions for a more diverse and equitable construction industry. Women bring unique perspectives, skills, and strengths to construction. Their contributions are essential for innovation, creativity, and sustainable growth in the industry. Discover why gender diversity is not just important but necessary for the future of construction.

Explore our videos from Ireland, Spain, Germany, and Poland.

Tim-Oliver Müller - Germany, Managing Director, Hauptverband der Deutschen Bauindustrie e.V.
Lola Gonzalez - Gender equality expert
Amia Alcalde Gonzalez - Technical mining engineer, Safety engineer, SCHÄCHTELE HSE
Arantzazu De Zatarain - Germany, Technical civil & safety engineer, SCHÄCHTELE HSE
Milos Marovic - Montenegro, Secondary Civil Engineering and Geodesy School "Engineer Marko Radević"
Miguel Diaz - Germany, Head of the Service Center, Initiative Klischeefrei
Schächtele Daniel - Germany, Senior Safety Engineer, SCHÄCHTELE HSE
Maria Kaszyńska - Poland, Professor, Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, ZUT
Zofia Jagusiak - Poland, Construction License Specialist, ZOIIB
Kamila Ślęga - NOT PolandKamila Ślęga - Poland, Contract Engineer Team Leader, P.U.I. EKO-INWEST S.A.
Elżbieta Ostatek - Poland, Head of PZITB O/Szczecin, PZITB
Dominika Pondo - Poland, Construction Manager, Design and Construction Studio "A-PLUS"
Małgorzata Kopka Piątek - Poland, Director of the European and Migration Policy Program, ISP
Jan Bobkiewicz - Poland, Head of the West Pomeranian District Chamber of Civil Engineers, ZOIIB
Sonia Silva - Sustainability and international specialist
Ángela Marcos - Trainer in Occupational Risk Prevention
Ángela Baldellou - Senior Architects and Director of COAM
Yolanda Cañizares - Formadora y Geóloga
Nina Kreutzman - Advisor in International Affairs
Laura Baquero - Senior Architect
Concha Santos - President of the National Association of Independent Builders in Spain (ANCI)
Sinead Hughes, Ireland, Conservation Architect and Programme Manager, Irish Green Building Council
Rebecca Duffy - Electrician QA/QC, Dornan Engineering Ltd.
Avril Behan, Ireland, Director of College of the Future, Solas
Sanja Ivandic - Gender Expert, Outside Media & Knowledge
Kelly Cartwright, Director/Owner, Core Recruiter
Caitriona Bergin - Consultant, Women in Construction
Paula Cosgrave, Ireland, Plumbing Instructor, Solas
Yvonne Foy, Ireland, Contract Training Officer, Laois Offlay Education and Training Board
Mairead McKnight, Ireland, Electrical Instructor, Solas
Dearbhla Keane, Ireland, Founder, She Constructs
Grainne Dunne – FC IrelandGrainne Dunne, Ireland, Driector and Senior Architect, Studio Red Architects
Carol Tallon – FC IrelandCarol Tallon, Ireland, CEO, Property District
Aoife Flynn, Ireland, Senior Construction Project Manager, Lidl Ireland
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