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Welcome to our unique and comprehensive toolkit, designed with the ethos of equality at its core.

Despite substantial progress, we understand that significant gender gaps persist in the labour sector, particularly within the construction industry. Our toolkit, therefore, aims to address this disparity head-on. Comprising of informative videos, text and graphics, our toolkit provides the means for Vocational Education Trainers (VET) educators to connect with women in the construction sector. It empowers companies within the industry to not just learn about the need for change but also motivates them to take concrete action.

So, who is this toolkit for? While it is primarily designed with VET educators and companies in the European construction sector in mind, its scope extends much further. It serves as a valuable guide for organisations in the construction sector and actors involved in recruitment processes within the industry. Moreover, individuals who wish to champion equality in their construction-related organisations will find it a useful starting point.

The toolkit's primary focus is on reaching out to VET educators and construction companies to design equality policies and strategies at all work levels. With a wide audience in its purview, it seeks to inspire improvement in the current scenario and enhance the quality of training provided to women in the construction sector. By providing accessible guides and tools, we aim to make a meaningful contribution to ensuring equality in the construction industry.

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