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FEMCON's mission is to create innovative vocational education and training tools to help women working in or considering a career in the construction industry advance to visible roles within the industry. The project's goal is to make the industry more appealing to women, resulting in a greater number of women choosing the sector, creating conditions for positive change, and improving the industry's gender outlook and quality of life in the male-dominated sector.

A woman’s place is wherever she wants it to be, even in the cab in a 40-ton bulldozer.
National Centre for Construction Education & Research

As a woman, you can defy all stereotypes, go against the grain, and still dominate in a male dominated industry.

- Kitchell Progress

The EU construction industry's future is jeopardised by a chronic labour shortage - Europe's construction output cannot keep up with demand (OECD). Prior to COVID-19, there was a labour shortage in the construction industry. Now, the industry is facing even more labour challenges, just as growth appears to be on the horizon. Women make up only 9% of the construction industry's workforce in Europe, leaving a huge talent pool untapped. Construction labour shortages in the EU are also expected to worsen in the future as the population declines and the workforce ages.

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