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Open Education Resources for Vocational Education and Training (VET) Trainers

The FEMCON Curriculum is a pioneering collection of Open Education Resources (OERs) tailored specifically for VET trainers. It aims to equip them with specialist learning content to support women working in or aspiring to careers in the construction industry. This initiative seeks to foster career progression and development for females in this sector, addressing the critical need for greater gender equality and representation.

Why It Matters:

Despite the growing discourse on female representation in construction, progress towards gender equality is advancing too slowly. The FEMCON OERs, comprising a bespoke curriculum, pedagogic guide, and workbook, are designed to catalyse mainstream and widespread change within the industry. They respond to a demonstrated demand for more female workers, highlighted by our FEMCON project's needs analysis and the sector's skills challenges.


  • Bespoke Curriculum: A comprehensive learning framework tailored to the unique needs of women in construction.
  • Pedagogic Guide: Insightful methodologies for delivering the curriculum effectively, enhancing the educational experience.
  • Target Audience: While focusing on the needs of women in the industry, the curriculum is intended for implementation by VET organisations and education providers across Europe as an accessible online resource.

Innovation and Impact:

The PR2 FEMCON Curriculum stands as the first open-access, transnational European curriculum dedicated to equipping VET educators with the resources to support the female workforce in construction. Aligned with the EU Pact for Skills, the European Skills Agenda, and the 2021 report on gender equality in the EU, it addresses the industry's workforce shortage and contributes to tackling climate challenges through human resources development.

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